Distort Inc. Joins Forces With Fontana North


MapleCore is thrilled to announce that Distort Inc. will be entering into a unique relationship with Fontana North Artist Services.  It’s a one-of-a-kind joint venture deal with FN acting as main distributor.  The pairing opens up new avenues in Canada for hardcore/punk/metal artists looking to further their presence in national outlets.  MapleCore’s CEO Grant Dexter is looking forward to the opportunities this partnership will bring, saying “we’ve always supported and fostered exceptional talent, and this will further our commitment to Canadian music – especially in the hardcore scene.”

Founded in Toronto by Greg Below and Mitch Joel in 2002, Distort Inc. has been committed to nurturing Canada’s hardcore scene through innovative methods that yield career-making results. The company has become one of, if not the most, respected heavy music labels in Canada and it has kick-started the careers of acts like Alexisonfire, Cancer Bats, Dead & Divine, Comeback Kid, Architects and many more. Distort is highly regarded for its transparent and interactive relationship with artists and fans – generating a feeling of community and trust in the music making experience. Fontana North is committed to keeping that feeling alive and to maintaining Distort’s vision of the future.

Founder, Greg Below is excited to be working with FN, saying ” I couldn’t be more thrilled to be in this relationship and I’m really looking forward to all the new music and doors we are going to open together.”

Based in Toronto, Fontana North provides full marketing, promotional and publicity support, a nationally dedicated sales force and access to the U.S. marketplace. Fontana North Distribution was founded in 2006 (after operating for 1 ½ years as MapleNationwide) and has received the Independent Music Distributor of the Year award six years in a row at the Canadian Music Industry Awards. Fontana North’s roster includes some of the best independent labels in the world.