Roman Remains Announce Debut EP “Energy You” To Be Released November 5

roman remains

Download ‘This Stone Is Starting To Bleed’ HERE

The Duke Spirit’s Liela Moss and Toby Butler announce their new project, Roman Remains and debut EP, ‘Energy You‘, available November 5 through H.O.T. Records  Ltd. / Fontana North. ‘Energy You’ will be released on all digital platforms, offering fans a glimpse of what’s to come with a 2014 full length album in the making.

Feverishly crossing the line between Electro, Industrial and Dance, Liela Moss’s inimitable vocal style give North London’s Roman Remains’ music an alluring feel that draws its audience into another world.

“The whole process is all in a bit of a vacuum of fun-floating in beats, glitches and bass tones, which to me are fresh territories to roll around in,” says Moss. “The good and the bad, and the yes or no duality of previous writing has been chucked out of the window and we’re just writing in the moment and letting the kinetic energy bounce off the walls and spin us in different directions.”

Energy You‘ moves with the effortless ease of a band that has no boundaries other than those set by Moss and Butler’s own desire for perfection. As Roman Remains prepares to take their next step with the recording of their debut album, their journey of exploration continues on an apparent path that knows no end.

roman remains energy you

The four-song EP was mostly inspired by the last two grueling years on the road with The Duke Spirit, and traveling all over the world, from Los Angeles to the Himalayas.