The East Pointers Set To Release Debut Album ‘Secret Victory’ On October 9

The East Pointers

  Listen To The First Single ‘Work That Way’ HERE

On October 9, The East Pointers will be releasing their debut album ‘Secret Victory‘  via Fontana North.

The East Pointers unwrap new possibilities in a musical style that dates back centuries yet is still relevant on multiple, divergent continents. The trio makes traditional music seem ridiculously hip, and the most fun thing on the planet to dance (and raise a pint) to.  But, here’s a fun fact about traditional music: it’s not always old even when it sounds like something lifted straight from a vintage ceilidh (pronounced kay-leigh). For proof, witness  ’Work That Way,’ the first single from the record.  It’s  a banjo-driven folk song with deep acoustic roots and modern pop influence. The lyrics explore the ongoing conflict of lightness and darkness surrounding a relationship, ultimately love and death.” says guitar player Jake Charron.

“That’s something The East Pointers are trying to accomplish – breathe some new life into traditional music,” confirms Tim Chaisson, whose solo career as a singer/songwriter (see 2015′s acclaimed ‘Lost in Light‘ record) is thoroughly established. “People think of it as music for an older generation but we’re hoping to introduce a whole new generation of listeners to the genre.” ’Secret Victory’ could easily stand beside any recording from any era in the illustrious Celtic/folk musical canon. Yet it features 10 brand new original tracks written by guitarist Jake Charron, fiddler Tim Chaisson and his cousin, banjoist Koady Chaisson, vocalists all and, in the case of the Chaissons, members of Prince Edward Island’s reigning musical dynasty.

Says Koady Chaisson, “We are literally the seventh generation of musicians in our family, and what we do is a little different than what our uncles might do, for example, which would be more Scottish influenced. We embrace the Scottish influence… but also Irish and French and so on.” Even before releasing ‘Secret Victory’, The East Pointers knew they were onto something, having accepted the 2015 Music P.E.I. New Artist of the Year and Roots Traditional Recording of the Year awards. They were also nominated for Traditional Instrumental Recording of the Year at the 2015 East Coast Music Awards. And the band is very much in demand live, set to return to the UK and Australia in late 2015 and again in early 2016 after a Fall 2015 Canadian Tour.

The East Pointers
The East Pointers – ‘Secret Victory’ Track List
01. Secret Victory
02. The Drift
03. Cold
04. Places You’ll Go
05. The Stubborn Mule
06. Last Blank Page
07. Meals By Maurice
08. Queen Street Cobbler
09. Work That Way
10. Woodfordia