Donovan Woods Releases New Single “All Mine”


There are very few writers who can make you laugh and break your heart in the same song.” - NPR Music

“A knack for taking huge, universal feelings and distilling them into simple, poignant moments.” - Noisey

“Everyone has their favorites, but this guy should be everyone’s favorite right now because he sounds like Donovan Woods and not like everyone else and writes to beat the devil…” - No Depression

 Award-winning artist Donovan Woods announced today the release of his new single titled “All Mine.” An acclaimed songwriter who has written songs for artists such as Tim McGraw, Charlie Worsham, Charles Kelley (of Lady Antebellum), and Billy Currington while amassing a catalogue of rousing and well-received music of his own, Woods’ “All Mine” is available now worldwide through iTunes, Spotify, and all other digital platforms.

Listen to “All Mine” here:

In “All Mine,” Woods discovers the elusive silver lining – that beautiful moment when you realize you’ve broken free of someone else’s expectations. However, the optimistic single represents more than a new perspective for the musician. It breaks the familiar acoustic guitar with a layered production, yet it’s unmistakably a Donovan Woods song – eloquent, disarmingly honest, and rich in details.

“‘All Mine’ is about the feeling of suddenly emerging from something that’s been weighing you down,” Woods explained. “Sometimes it’s that first day of good health after an illness, sometimes it’s after a breakup, sometimes it’s just the first day of spring. I think one of the only purely good human feelings is relief – When something difficult ends or when something bad could have happened but didn’t. That feeling is what I’m trying to capture here, that moment of realization that time is on your side again. You dodged a bullet and for a moment you feel free, clear-eyed, and ready to turn that passing hardship into something beautiful.”

Woods was raised in a small Canadian town, north of the Detroit border, to the sounds of country music with a healthy dose of folk and pop influence. This combination instilled in him a strong belief in the power of a memorable melody, the importance of everyday language, and the impact of a relatable narrative. With more than 14.5 million streams on Spotify, Woods’ compositions have been lauded as “a stark, stunning ballad” (Rolling Stone), as well as, “a very simple beauty” (Entertainment Weekly), and “an emotional wallop” (Billboard).

Woods built his reputation by writing music that is a product of both country and folk. However, his songwriting shows how distracting the line separating the two can be. Whether they’re composed about big ideas or seemingly minor incidents, broken promises or the hint of romance, Woods’ songs affect listeners deeply. Although he explores new sonic textures with “All Mine,” what remains constant is that Donovan Woods possesses a compelling voice made to tell stories – his stories and our own.


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